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The Effects of Gravity and an Axial Magnetic Field on the Crystallization of ZBLAN Glass

Microgravity reduces crystallization of ZBLAN which will make for a lower loss optical fiber when the fiber is drawn in this environment. Relevant data from previous studies and further look at present studies concentrating on electrostatic levitation of ZBLAN which will help elucidate the mechanism for reduction of crystallization in microgravity.

Distributed fiber-optic sensing, structural monitoring and control system for aircraft.

We show a distributed fiber optic sensing technique for in-flight aircraft monitoring. Based on distributed fiber optic sensing data, load identification and adaptive wing control techniques are shown.

Optical Fiber Sensors for Energy Infrastructure: Emerging Opportunities

This paper discusses application of fiber optics sensors to increase operational visibility of energy systems. Ubiquitous real-time monitoring by high spatial resolution sensing provides new information for advanced data analytics enhancing reliability, resiliency, and efficiency.

Distributed Acoustic Sensing in Seismology

We review our recent work on chirped-pulse distributed acoustic sensing and its use for the characterization of teleseismic and microseismic activity. We show that this tool may offer impressive new capabilities in the field of seismology, particularly in underwater scenarios.

Distributed acoustic sensors based on time-gated digital optical frequency domain reflectometry

This paper presents a review on distributed acoustic sensors (DAS) based on time-gated digital optical frequency domain reflectometry (TGD-OFDR) that we developed in recent years. Two types of fading-free DAS systems adopting phase demodulation and interference-pattern demodulation are introduced, respectively.

SERS probes for biomedical applications

Ultrafast distributed Brillouin optical fiber sensors

All-fiber photoacoustic computed tomography for three-dimensional high-resolution imaging of small animals

Real Time Distributed Solar Irradiance Sensing

Co-generated dual-comb spectroscopy based on fiber interrogated graphene-silica microresonator for individual gas molecule detection

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