Prof. Leszek R. Jaroszewicz

Military Univ. of Tech., Warsaw, Poland

Prof. Leszek R. Jaroszewicz, PhD, DSc, Eng, SPIE Fellow is director of the Institute of Applied Physics Military University of Technology as well as Editor -in-Chief of the Opto-Electronics Review journal (IF=1.611). Since 1984 he has been engaged in the research of fibre-optic coherent transmission, FOGs and interferometric and polarimetric optical fibre sensors including wide scope of the fibre optic Sagnac interferometer’s applications as a sensor of a variety of physical fields. At present the main field of his interest is photonics technology application for sensors devices including: hybrid liquid crystal waveguide transducers, new technologies of monocrystals and glasses manufacturing especially the oxide type, technologies of advanced fibre optics and photonic crystal fibre elements as well as fibre-optic rotational seismograph R&D. He is non-official photograph of OFS, also.

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