Dr. Giovanni Milione

Presented by Fiber Optic Sensing Association (FOSA) Smart Cities Committee Chairman Dr. Giovanni Milione. Dr. Milione is a Senior Researcher in the Optical Networking & Sensing Department at NEC Laboratories America, Inc. in Princeton, NJ. His research comprises 100+ publications and patents in fiber optic sensing, fiber optic communication, and machine learning based artificial intelligence. For more information about the FOSA, please visit the website: https://www.fiberopticsensing.org.

Nageswara Lalam

Colin Olson

Nageswara Lalam

Dr. Nageswara Lalam is an Optical Scientist at National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), US Department of Energy where he involves in the development of fiber optic sensor systems for energy infrastructure monitoring applications, and PI for sub-task “Distributed fiber interrogator development and demonstration” under Natural Gas Infrastructure FWP project. His current research interests include distributed fiber optic sensors, advanced data analytics, non-linear fiber optics, radio-over-fiber communications, fiber laser systems, and interferometric fiber sensing. He was a Senior Research Associate at the University of Pittsburgh, and an ORISE Postdoctoral Fellow at NETL, Pittsburgh from 2018 to 2021. He serves as an academic editor for the Journal of Sensors (Hindawi), and a guest editor for MDPI Sensors. Dr. Lalam received his Ph.D. degree in Optical Engineering from the Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK, and an MSc degree in Optical Communications Engineering from the University of Greenwich, London, UK.

Colin Olson

Lihi Shiloh

Dr. Lihi Shiloh-Perl is an algorithm researcher at Trigo Vision, developing cutting edge multi-disciplinary technologies. She is working on the seam between physical sensing and advanced algorithms.
Lihi received her PhD in 2020 from Tel-Aviv University’s Electrical Engineering school, for researching advanced signal processing for distributed acoustic sensing. She finished her M.Sc at Tel-Aviv University as well, and her B.Sc at the Electrical Engineering faculty of the Technion-Israel institute of technology

Qizhong Liang

Shau-Yu Lan

Shau-Yu Lan is a Nanyang Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University and National Research Foundation (NRF) Fellow, Singapore. He obtained his PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His current research activities focus on experimental quantum and atom optics for quantum sensing, precision measurements, and quantum computing and information.

Stefan Forstner

Stefan has been working as a postoc on optomechanical sensing in the
Queensland Quantum Optics Lab with Prof. Warwick Bowen at the University
of Queensland in Australia since 2020, after completing his PhD in the
same lab. In 2022, he started a position with Prof. Adrian Bachtold at
the Institute of Photonic Sciences(ICFO) in Spain, while continuing
close collaboration with Prof. Bowen’s group. His research interests
include optomechanical sensing, dynamics of superfluid helium,
nanomechanical resonators, and the interface between quantum- and
classical physics.

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