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José Miguel López-Higuera

University of Cantabria

About José Miguel López-Higuera

Prof. López-Higuera is the founder and
head of the Photonics Engineering Group
of the University of Cantabria, CIBER-
BBN of Institute of Health Carlos III and
IDIVAL of Hospital Universitario Marqués
de VAldecilla, Spain.
Prof. López-Higuera is the founder and
current Director of International School
on Light Sciences and Technologies,
ISLIST, UIMP, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and
2022. At ISLIST, highly reputed invited
Speakers including the Nobel Laureates
Andre Geim, Sujhi Nakamura, Donna
Strickland and Gerard Mourou have had
shared their Knoweledgee and experience
with the partcipants.
He was General Chairman of EWOFS,
2004 and OFS23, 2014 in Santander,
Spain and is a Member of a wide set of
international Committees of Conferences,
R&D Institutions, and Companies in the
area of photonic sensing. His work is
focused on optical sensor systems and
instrumentations for any sector
application. He has worked in a wide
range of R&D&i projects, acting in more
than 100 of them as manager.
He has contributed with more than 800
research publications and 25 patents and
also directed morae than 20 PhD theses.
He has worked as an editor and co-author
of four international books, as a co-editor
of several conference proceedings and
Journals. He is co-founder of three
technology-based companies.
Prof. López-Higuera is a Fellow of OSA,
Fellow of SPIE, Fellow IAAM, Fellow
VEBLEO, Senior of IEEE and a Member of
the Royal Academy of Medicine of

Sensing using Light: a comprehensive vision of a key Photonics area

Light Science and Technologies (Photonics) now touches almost every area of our lives. It is considered a Key Enabling Technology (KET) or an Essential Technology for the development of Europe, USA and others main nations around the world. Photonic Sensing is understood as any sensing approach that employs light technologies and it is becoming an area with very important expectations of annual growths and strong socio-economic impacts in the present decade of this XXI century. In this tutorial, will be offered a Doctrinal Conception of Sensing using Light (SuL) as an “umbrella” in what any sensing approach using Light Sciences and Technologies can be easily included. The key requirements of a sensing system will be, easily, introduced up to reach the general conception of a sensor using light techniques and related issues such as its main constituted parts and types. The case in which smartness is conferred to the device it is also consider. To illustrate this general concept, a quick “flight” over significant cases using different principles, techniques, technologies to detect diverse measurands in different sector applications such as Civil Engineering, Industrial Processes, Energy, environmental Health and Medicine, among others will be offered. Finally, some words concerning expected market and challenges to face in the near future will be also addressed. After this tutorial, any sensing approach using Light Sciences and Technologies will be easily and properly included in the umbrella of this key area both of sensors and of photonics: Sensing using Light or Photonic Sensors.

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