Submission Overview

Submission and Proceedings

The OFS-27 Proceedings will be published in the OSA Publishing online database. The manuscript for submission must be in English and shall not exceed 4 pages, single spaced and single columned.

Please pay attention to select your category and sub-category according to the conference scope before starting the online submission.

The reviewing process of OFS27 will be double-blind. This means that the names of the authors will not be visible for the technical committee reviewers. To keep the essence of this double-blind reviewing process, the organizers encourage the contributions to avoid in the written text any form of possible identification of the contributing authors.

Submit A Paper


The 35-word abstract should be a brief summary of the work. If the submission is accepted for presentation, this 35-word abstract will be included in the Conference Program Book.

4-page Summary: the author must include all text, including the 35-word abstract, title, authors, equations, tables, photographs, drawings, figures, and references. The text may be typed either single-spaced or double-spaced. Refrain from use of asterisk, job descriptions, or footnotes.

Page Format: A4, 8.27 in. x 11.69 in. paper (210 mm by 297 mm) with 1-inch margins (2.54 cm) on all sides

Style Guide

Summaries should be prepared according to the guidelines above and should be submitted electronically in PDF format. The style guides provide a visual representation of the summary format. For your meeting’s specific page maximum refer to the page count in the summary preparation.

Please make sure that the file contains no non-English font packages (for example, Japanese fonts, Korean fonts, Chinese fonts, etc.) in the body of the summary as well as in all figures and tables. Any characters in these fonts may not be viewable by reviewers. In the past, we have had particular trouble with MS-PGothic, MS-Gothic, and MS-Mincho.

If accepted for presentation, the summary will be included in the Technical Digest.